Most Popular JS Frameworks for Mobile App Development

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JavaScript has become so popular that it can even be used for mobile app development. With some frameworks that JS provides, creating mobile applications for different OS and platforms is easy-peasy. These frameworks make developing feature rich apps easy for developers with tools and features needed and hence most popular JS frameworks for mobile app development.

The reason why JavaScript developers use it for mobile app development also is the language’s versatility and flexibility which gives it the edge. 

Why Use JavaScript For Mobile App Development

JavaScript is a popular language for mobile app development due to its versatility, as it allows developers to create cross-platform applications that work on multiple devices, including iOS and Android. Additionally, JavaScript frameworks such as React Native and Ionic make it easier to build high-performance mobile apps with a native look and feel. JavaScript is also a popular language among web developers, meaning there is a large community of developers who can help, contribute, and share knowledge. Finally, JavaScript is a versatile and dynamic language that allows for creating interactive user interfaces and developing real-time features, which are essential for creating engaging mobile applications.

Because of its adaptability and ability to be used by developers to construct cross-platform programmes that run on both iOS and Android devices, JavaScript is a well-liked language for creating mobile apps. Furthermore, it is simpler to create high-performance mobile apps with a native feel and design thanks to JavaScript frameworks like React Native and Ionic.


Top JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile App Development

Finding Javascript developers for hire can become a hassle if you do not know what to look for. Here are JS mobile app development frameworks that are popular for mobile app development:

Sencha Touch/ExtJS

Sencha Touch Ext is one now, and it lies in the most popular frameworks for mobile application development because it provides all the elements and tools needed for building great mobile apps. From grids to lists and forms among other important tools, everything is available.

Key Features

The most prominent feature is its easy layout and ability to organize data which is suitable for different mobile applications. Additionally, it helps create widgets, toolbar, menu, and forms easily. On top of that it is also easy to maintain and customize the code. Library for graphics and 3D computing is also available which helps create layouts, fluid like affects, and animations giving mobile and tablet users immersive experience. 



Ionic is great framework for mobile development at low cost and lessen the development time as well as development effort by utilizing single codebase for multiple platforms. Ideally it is used to develop cross platform applications.

Key Features

Developing custom components that are easily reusable. Ionic labeled as independent framework and is easy to use with other frameworks. Pre-designed tools like themes and typography are a part of Ionic apps.


Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is open source plug-and-play framework based on MVC and MVVM architectures. Angular JS and twitter bootstrap, if you know these you can start using mobile angular UI.

Key Features

Low code framework with complete sync between view and model layer reducing even more development time. Creating hybrid and HTML5 mobile apps is easy. Additional features like switches, scroll options and scroll base, overlays come pre-added. Anguar apps load quickly compared to other frameworks so hire JS developres who know angular to strike two birds with one stone.


Apache Cordova

Easy to adapt and open-source nature of Apache Cordova make it most likable. Connecting directly with native functionalities of devices and OS giving more control to users.

Key Features

Apache cordova gives access to device systems and features. It offers basic app building componentes. CLI allows creating new projects easy and fast, QA, scripting, and testing becomes easy through CLI.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery mobile is an interface framework, while it can be used to create mobile apps but writing desktop and even web applications is possible. 

Key Features

jQuery mobile allows developers to choose the development style, jQuery mobile apps can be ran on browsers. Focus based input functions like touch, click etc, are integrated easily with simple API. jQuery mobile apps are lightweight and thus fast.


Catering mobile users is crucial for everyone and evry business. Thus, demand of mobile app developers has risen high. Hire JS developres and you are done, JS developers can create hybrid mobile apps which run on both android and iOS platforms. 

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