Why do paid media and SEO need to work together?


One of the challenges for digital marketing managers today is to correctly balance the combination of paid media and SEO in the strategic development of brand actions to get the most out of both.

This delicate decision impacts budgetary issues and the performance of the brand’s digital actions. An imbalance in this definition can cause the company to spend more than necessary or even cause the expected results not to be achieved.

Due to these factors, the team must be able to make these decisions based on research and understand the importance of an integrated strategy between paid media and SEO. Thinking about this challenge, this content addresses the pros and cons of each practice and how working them together is relevant to the brand’s digital marketing performance.

Pros and Cons of SEO

Initially, marketing professionals (including those working with sponsored links) must recognize the role of SEO in the brand’s online positioning. By having a global view of the solutions in, the Digital marketing course in Birmingham it is possible to understand that each one of them fulfills a function. Learn about the features of SEO below.

The attraction of potential customers

By being displayed among the organic results of search engines, the brand has the opportunity to attract potential customers who show interest in the topic. With that, the chances of conversion are high. In addition, SEO allows for an increase in website traffic, improving the performance of digital channels.


Branding is how the public sees a brand. Thus, by having the website’s contents and materials displayed in search results, it becomes a reference in the area, being more recognized among professionals in the area and clients.


Users know that Google has numerous criteria for evaluating the content, so only those that have quality are displayed among the best. With that, being among the first SERP results conveys this credibility to the public.


It is not possible to say that SEO is a free strategy, after all, there are costs related to the production of content and the development of good practices. Despite this, the clicks are free, so after consolidating the company’s positioning, results increase without having to increase investments.


The operation of SEO makes this practice present a return on investment (ROI) better than other digital strategies. It is also significant that the cost per click (PPC) is lower, as well as the solution allows for a lower customer acquisition cost (CAC).


In general, users tend to click more on organic results than on paid media displayed in the SERP, so the CTR is significantly better for sites in the top positions on Google.

Despite these advantages, SEO has some cons like any strategy. The most significant refers to the time required for the site to be well-ranked, so a few months of work are needed before reaping the benefits of this solution.

Furthermore, if the business is competing with terms used by large companies, such as Amazon or Apple, it becomes even more difficult to expect a consolidation of keywords, requiring a review of the strategy.

Pros and cons of paid media

Just like SEO, paid media also have pros and cons that can be more or less interesting for a brand depending on business objectives, and segments, among other variables.

Position on page

The first advantage of sponsored links refers to the advantageous position on the SERP, being displayed at the top above the organic results, which ensures that they stay above the crack and are seen by all users, even if they do not receive the click.

Full ads

There are several settings for ads so that they can be very complete and display all relevant information about the brand, such as an address, contact, prices, and calls, among other useful data for the consumer.

Visual calls

With Google Shopping, companies also have the option of creating visual ads, which is a relevant differential in terms of SEO and provides greater attractiveness for customers who really want to buy a product.

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