4 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Your First Adventure Bike


Motorcycles of different kinds, sizes, and engine capacities have catered to the wide requirements of riders across the globe. Be it commutation, sports style, dirt bike, and adventure ride, several options are easily accessible for people.

In India, one can find a versatile range of motorcycles to serve different purposes and meet the desired choice of riding experience. But nothing can beat the pleasure of riding an adventure bike towards lengthy miles of distances and creating unforgettable travel memories.

An adventure motorcycle is designed in a way to provide a superior level of riding experience across off-beat road conditions, tough pathways, broken lanes, and other such ways. Such bikes with high ground clearance and robust suspension capabilities can take the extended choice of roadside abuses with ease. And certainly provide a smooth riding experience to all.

In case, you are thinking to buy an online bike in the adventure category at an affordable price, then best recommended to go for Hero Xpulse 200 4V. Especially for your first-time adventure biking expedition followed by numerous ones ahead. Out of several adventure bike options available in India, Xpulse 200 4V is like an entry-level one with affordable pricing, easy-to-ride capacity, and the reliability factor of Hero Motocorp.

Even, if you are thinking of first buying the affordable ADV offered by the Hero and then followed by other brands of the ride, then make sure not to commit four common mistakes. Here, we have enlisted four mistakes you must avoid while making an adventure bike online booking at a favorable choice of platform.

1. Decide whether ADV is right for you

Undoubtedly, one can get really excited to see and ride a really cool and robust-looking adventure motorcycle at a high ground clearance. It certainly catches your attention owing to its upright sitting position, protected handlebars, digital console, and other incredible features. But few very realize the overall impact of riding an adventure bike across off-beat surroundings.

Riding such a bike means crossing a shallow river stream, breaking pathways, and sometimes overcoming dirt and small rocks. One has to handle the unexpected fall of a bike under tough road conditions, know how to repair it at a desolate location, and must-face other seasonal hassles. So, just buying your first adventure bike is not enough. You must be aware of the challenges that one has to face while riding across tough road surroundings.

2. Avoid laying hands on a used bike

As we have already mentioned, it will be an exciting affair for riders who for the first time would like to ride an adventure motorcycle. But that does not mean laying hands on a second-hand ADV just for the purpose of setting your hands first and then moving on to the new one.

An ADV is certainly a strong and performance-driven motorcycle that can cross a multitude of areas with ease. But the more kilometers it has ridden requires better maintenance and service offering. Therefore, it is not at all recommended to buy a second-hand adventure bike that might mechanically trouble you at later stages. Always think of buying a brand new ADV just like Hero Xpulse 200 4V under an affordable budget.

3. Do not for a wrong-fit motorcycle

When you try to find an adventure bike in India, you will come across a wide range of options belonging to distinctive choice of brands. Every single adventure bike that belongs to a different brand has something distinctive from one another. It could be in terms of price, functionalities, technical specifications, engine capacity, mileage, performance, and various other things.

So, it’s obvious that not every adventure motorcycle suits your purpose. And you must not pick the wrong one that does not go with your personality. Therefore, it is essential for people who are looking for a first-time adventure motorcycle must go for the entry-level bike that is sure to meet their requirements with ease. In that case, you can think of buying Hero Xpulse 200 4V, and that too at an affordable price.

4. Prevent overspending on bike

Another crucial mistake that you must not avoid while buying an adventure motorcycle is not to overspend while going out of your designated budget. We have seen many times that several riders have gone for an expensive ride just for the purpose of making a style statement in the eyes of onlookers.

But that’s where the people make the biggest mistake and end up losing more money during the motorcycle maintenance process. Therefore, it is essential on your part not to overspend out of your budget and lay your hands on a budget-friendly motorcycle without facing any hassle.

Final Note

Buying an adventure motorcycle in India is an incredible thing to explore the varied surroundings of the country at your own pace & safety. A robust, technically superior, strong suspension, and technicalities equipped ADV will provide you unforgettable travel experience with ease & comfort.

Even for budget bike lovers, Hero Xpulse 200 4V is a great choice to explore varying off-beat regions without facing any hassle. It is due to cost-effective options and easy accessibility of this bike’s spare parts available at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform. Simply book this motorcycle or any other Hero bike on the mentioned online platform to save maximum on budget.

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