Designing a Nutrient-Rich Pregnancy Diet Plan for Optimal Health

Designing a Nutrient-Rich Pregnancy Diet Plan for Optimal Health by Nuskha Kitchen

A nutrition-loathed diet plan is very crucial for pregnancy care and the well-being of future mothers and babies.  Since the baby gets its all nutrition through the mother, the pregnancy diet should contain a variety of fruits and veggies that could provide essential protein and vitamins. It nourishes the baby for growth and development. Yet with multiple options, it is a tough nut to crack when it comes to choosing the diet plan for a future mom. To plan the diet for a mother, one must consider the food to avoid during pregnancy and the food that are mandatory for pregnancy. 

If you are wondering what to eat during pregnancy then here are the answer:


Fruits are enriched with lots of nutrition and vitamins which help in the growth and development of the baby. Also, it provides healthy carbs and water which is very essential for a mother. Also, it controls blood sugar which makes it perfect for pregnant women diet without giving much thought to it. Barries and avocados top the list of fruits that should be part of such a diet plan. 

Oats laddoo

Want to have something delicious and healthy during the pregnancy? Then include oats laddoo in the pregnancy food chart especially during the first trimester. Nushka Kitchen’s oats laddoo are made of pure desi ghee, covered with dry fruits and fibers, and are mandatory for the first three months. This helps in managing the cravings and eliminating weakness by keeping fatigued at bay. If you are a working woman then it boost your energy level. It also manages the weight of your body while being delicious. Also, the foil acid consisting of oats helps in developing the nervous system of the child. This snack can be enjoyed during the later days of pregnancy so that mother’s body could be strong enough to support the baby. 

Green and leafy veggies 

Vegetables like broccoli and spinach possess all the nutrition that you want to make your body strong enough for a baby. The best thing about vegetables is you can blend them with soup, sauce, and pasta. Loathed with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, fiber, iron, and calcium, leaf, and green veggies prevent constipation. You can even turn it in a green smoothie to avoid eating raw spinach. 

Amla murabba 

Ayurvedic proved Amla Murabba is an organic dish that is essential for a pregnancy diet plan during the 4th and 8th months of pregnancy.  With the nutrition that is essential for expectant mothers, Amla absorbs iron which improves the hemoglobin level in the bloodstream. Further, its main component vitamin C boosts the immunity and entire health of the mother. To ensure the benefits of this dish received by the mother, Nushka Kitchen made it with top-quality Amla. this is a delicious way to satisfy the cravings for sweets or desserts. 

Shankhpushpi Brahmi Herbmix

This natural herb-made dish supports the entire pregnancy journey from 1st month to birth. With its high-quality ingredients, it supports the brain development of the baby and cools down the mother’s body while providing many benefits. As pregnancy gives natural stress and anxiety, this product lowers the level of stress and improves the sleep cycle. Also, Shankhpushpi and Brahmi help in controlling acidity which reduces the risk of digestive issues. 


Ayurveda-approved gulkand keeps the body temperature in control and also leaves a cooling effect on the body. It also removes morning sickness and other distress that occurred due to pregnancy. With its anti-inflammatory nature, it maintains good digestion and also boosts immunity for the mother. This can count as healthy pregnancy snacks during the entire journey of pregnancy.  Further, its mix with Isobel is the healthiest combination for women who face constipation in regular life. 

Ragi laddoo

From 6th month to the last month, a pregnant women’s diet must include ragi laddoo. Even after pregnancy, this product plays a major role in maintaining the health of women. Ragi laddoo is rich in calcium and iron which is quite essential for would-be-mom. It also boosts the recovery rate and supports overall growth. 

To maintain the benefit of this pregnancy diet plan, you need to be very careful about picking high-quality products and ingredients. Also, making them is a tremendous task. But with Nushka Kitchen’s pregnancy care products, you can ensure the quality as well as the health of a mum-to-be. 

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