Six Devices to Make Your Home a Smart Home

Make Your Home a Smart Home

Smart devices are the buzz all over the world these days, as integration between appliances, mobiles, and the Internet becomes more and more seamless. Thanks to improving AI technology, sensors, and other forms of automation, there is a lot to explore within the world of smart home improvement. These six devices, however, are must-haves.

Many of these devices are Wi-Fi enabled. If you face any problem using these devices that cannot be solved by the device’s customer support wing, it might be a good idea to give the Optimum Customer service number a call to check up on your Wi-Fi connection.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are now weather-resistant, high-resolution, and sensor operated. On top of capturing motion-triggered video, it also flashes a bright light onto whatever is causing the movement on your property. Its installation process is incredibly easy, requiring only a few minutes to set up. It provides a detailed 2k video, intelligent and accurate motion detection, colored night vision, and many options for integration.

Most wireless security cameras operate by projecting/transferring the camera’s video through an RF (radio frequency) transmitter. The video is delivered to the receiver that is linked to a built-in storage unit or cloud storage platform. The monitor or receiver connected to your camera gives direct and easy access to all of the security camera footage.

Video Doorbell

There are times when one doesn’t want to get up to check who’s at the door. In such instances, a video doorbell can do the job for you. Video doorbells are programmed to show their users who is at the door from the comfort of their couch, by displaying the footage on their phone. In addition to this, it can also act as a security measure that prevents home invasion, property theft, unwanted encounters, and porch pirates.

Most video doorbells allow users to speak to the person standing outside so that they can ask what their purpose of visiting is without opening the door. It also records videos of visitors that you might miss while away or end up not seeing.

Most video doorbells come with a ringer and a Wi-Fi-enabled camera. They are usually either wired to a traditional doorbell, or fully battery-operated. The camera does not record at all times, rather only gets activated when someone presses the doorbell.

Smart Lock

Another very useful and popular home protection device is the smart lock. This is arguably one of the most important factors in a smart home’s security. Smart locks offer safety and flexibility all at once, by allowing homeowners to enter and leave their homes whenever they want. The lock also monitors who enters and exits your home in your absence, boosting security.

Essentially, smart locks link up with your home’s internet connection, allowing them to receive the smart phone command or code to lock and unlock your door. Whether you need a complete change of lock system varies from company to company. Although some smart locks call for a complete replacement of your existing lock system, others can integrate or sync with the system, with just a few minor modifications.

Smart Home Security Systems

If you’re looking for a high-level security measure, it is best to consider availing a smart home security system that is professionally monitored. These are automated and comprise various interlinked and integrated components. Some of these are a control panel, interior and exterior motion sensors, a high decibel alarm, a yard sign indicating the presence of the system, and door and window sensors that can detect and prevent potential break-ins.

Because smart home security systems are quite expensive, a more affordable solution is a DIY or do-it-yourself smart home security system, which allows you to secure your home while away without having to invest a lot of money.

Smart Garage Door

It is very difficult to get up to open the garage door early in the morning, especially during extreme weather conditions. This is why a smart garage door would be a huge help to you if you got it installed in your house.

In the simplest of terms, a smart garage door makes use of your internet connection. It is equipped with wall-mounted sensors that are placed on your garage door rails and a controller that sends information to an application that you are required to download on your phone. This allows users to remotely observe whether your garage door is open or closed, and when it was last opened.

Smart and Heat Adjustable Bedding

Smart beds are an up-and-coming invention because they allow users to maintain different mattress temperatures on either side. Meaning whereby, that while one side is warm, the other can be kept cool. Because it is equipped with the functionality to remember your bedtime based on what you set, it sets the temperature automatically before you even get into bed.

This is not the only function of smart bedding; it also keeps track of sleep cycles, sleep quality, breathing rate, and heart rate. This eliminates the need to wear fitness trackers or smartwatches to sleep. The data is recorded and reported to you in the morning, guiding you on how to sleep better.

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