Top 5 Treks in Himachal

Top 5 Treks in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh translates from “The state of the snowy slopes”. Being one of the Indian Himalayan Regions, it nestles at the foothills of the Dhauladhar Range. With the towering Himalayas to the North and adorned with exotic flora and fauna, Himachal Pradesh is undoubtedly a trekkers paradise. The rich culture and untold myths make the adventure all the more exciting. Here are the top five unique hiking trails that covered the significance of the land of the gods:

  1. Pin Parvati Pass Trek

To those who accept the challenges of the trail, Pin Parvati’s pass trek is a mission that must be accomplished. Traversing a 17,457 ft pass is an achievement of a lifetime. From unknown forests to glazed meadows, from horrific heights to steeps falls where the rivers rage, it’s a fully packed adventure. Dry mountains with scattered villages are in-tune with the rich biodiversity of the Parvati valley. The emerald waters of the Mantalai lake are an unforgettable sight. Wind carved mountains with the flowers of Odi Thach season the mere essence of the scenery. To top it off the natural jacuzzi at Parvati Kund at Kheerganga luxuriously welcomes a tired trekker. A dip in the hot springs while enjoying serene nature is a sight that you never leave your eyes.

  1. Indrahar Pass Trek

Panoramic views of the Dhauladhar range, trickling streams, snow-clad traits, rocky roads, and nature at its finest. Perched at a towering height of 4,324ft above sea level has it all. The journey is a perfect combination of diverse nature and traditional Himachal. The trail wades through dense forests and untouched lakes. The route leads to Kareri Lake, one of the beautiful natural pools covered carefully by gigantic mountainsides. Warmer months (May to October) would be an ideal time of visit. A quick stop at the Lahesh Caves would help savor the richness of the state. The pass overlooks the never-ending plains of Punjab and Kangra Valley to its South while the salient peaks Pir Panjal, Kishtwar, Bara Bangahal, and Manimahesh scale the skies. 

  1. Friendship Peak Trek

The Friendship Peak in the Pir Panjal range is one of the most ideal treks in Himachal adorned with vivid views. At an altitude of 5,287 meters above sea level, the friendship peak overlooks the Pir Panjal range. Virgin forests, trickling streams, and exotic meadows complete this trail. Hadimba Temple and the Naggar Roerich Art Gallery visually depict the lost traditions of the ancient dwellers. The stunning Vashisht hot water spring is a must-stop on this trail. The summit is the most awaited reward for any trekker. This is where mother nature redefines beauty to quench the trekker’s thirst. Quenched by this beauty, the trek back would get the overjoyed trekkers sober.  

  1. Brigu lake  

High amidst the thick fog, the pristine waters of the Bhrigu Lake frozen through the cold winters and glittering the autumn sun. At 4250m elevation, this trek is a high-altitude trek not for the weak-hearted. The Rough terrain, endless ridges, and soaring peaks make for a thrill that lasts for ages. The niche changing its colors to the season attracts tourists all year round. The trek is gradually increasing steep, that starts from gentle meadows to rocky slopes. The campsites provide a checkpoint before the terrain changes. Accompanied by the majestic view of the surrounding mountains and scattered herdsmen the elegance of nature remains untouched. Being close to Manali it is accessible quite easily. 

  1. Hampta Pass Trek

This adventurous trail starts from the famous Kullu Manali Valley and stretches its way towards the peak of Chandra valley. From dusty roads, rocky Heights, amateur graziers, silent streams to narrow climbs, this trail has a distinct collection of landscapes. Jobri and Hampta stream settled delicately amidst the mountains is a reflection of serene beauty. Nature at its fullest accompanied by the constant chirping of birds and the occasional presence of nomads. Snowy height sprinkled with traditional Himachal houses pass by this moderately difficult trail. Plenty of greenery and raging rivers accompany this trail while the noble mountains to overseer your journey. The summit holds a window that has a panoramic view of the different worlds below. A sight once seen would add up to the list of unforgettable experiences.

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