bhandardara Camp Is it fair to say you are confused with working hours? In fact, at that time it was probably the best process to wake up from the outside. This allows your home to live in a tent in a remote area or go down a hill for a while. Today, individuals cling to more remote areas to reap the benefits of the outdoors and this gives people the joy of being. The airport is a great place to be outside. It is more than a garden.

western Ghats:

 It is near Igatpuri, in the western Ghats of India. So be careful not to miss the opportunity to meet the most daring and amazing of the time due to the loss of bandwidth you want to travel.Outside is probably the most sporting experience these days. Surrounded by plants and natural life, of course, the airport attracts a lot of people. Outside the airport, you can see a variety of attractions, including tranquil lakes, slopes and waterfalls. Poles, prey, insects. This is a great outdoor place to meet and enjoy. Bhandardara is a town near Igatpuri in the western Ghats of India. Outdoor Beach Bandara is definitely the best and most beloved outdoor. 

Located near Igatpuri, in the western Ghats of India, it is the center of the tourism industry due to its modern design and attractions such as the many slopes, Cascade, Wilson Dam and Lake Arthur. The lakeside airport group is a great place to be while enjoying the environment in nature. Equipped with a comfortable tent with three buttons.

 G pad,outer tape and visual beauty:

The G pad, even the stain, has a full, non-abrasive bath that makes the place beautiful. The camp is located at the airport, the deepest in Maharashtra, and is a cloudy part of the state.The outer tape is unique in its kind due to its visual beauty. You will see darker nights mainly due to lack of light. On top of that, you can see the opalescent pathway with helpless eyes and see a different star. The best and best opportunity to get out at the airport depends on the trip. The airport is an area where the size of the explorer’s footprints can be observed. One morning, the bright sun of the trees and the shade of the tree trunks attracted some explorers, but rising temperatures could be a big problem. Also, summer is summer. With regard to the waterfall, the experience is not very dynamic either.

Outdoor activities :

A good opportunity to experience the best outdoor activities at the airport is this year’s winter. The blue crown is set at the top, playing with the tips of deciduous trees, the incredible temperature range and the cool winter weather in nature. Those wishing to get a full barrier should cross the outside during a storm. So the ideal month to evaluate outdoor activities at the airport is June to March. Near the airport are major places and brands of violence. Visitors, on the other hand, can find their way to Ajoba.

Highest mountain in Maharashtra:

The highest mountain in Maharashtra, Mount Karsobai, is 1646 meters. The first part of the trip is the city of Bali, where we found 12 km. I moved from the airport. Upstairs is a small refuge in the highest position, opposite Sahyadoris and the airport.West of Sahyadri, the most difficult triplet dam is the narrow Sandhan Valley, a picturesque place for outdoor activities at Maharashtra Airport.

These are some of the places that have beautiful sights to visit at the same time. It is the most important peak (5,400 feet or 1,600 meters) of Maharashtra. Another purpose of the trip was the Wilson Dam on the Prabara River which was built in 1910. The position of the Wilson Dam is bad weather. Parasol showers attract visitors in the same way, although they can be clearly seen during the July and October storms. Randa Cascade is 10 kilometers from Shendi city. About 22 miles from Shendi / Bhandardara, connected by two roads and a boat on Lake Arthur.

Bhandardara offers a variety of hiking trails and trekking trails, including a trip to the Ratangad Post across a small lake near the town of Ratanwadi. Wadi wicker is famous for its boats. Ratangad is the host on the ghat side with several water points. Such comparisons were common and were considered the main love of the ruler of the Marathi Shivaji. On the Karsobai side, Concan Kada is at the end of a 22-kilometer road that crosses a forest and a town full of residents. Harish Chandragad is a park near the old resort above.

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