What Is WhatsApp Automation And Features Organizers Can Not Neglect?

WhatsApp Automation

You can conduct in-person events with the help of WhatsApp automation. It will take your event experience to a new level. Hence, you must use Whatsapp for events in 2022, 2023, and beyond.

Introduction to WhatsApp Automation!

Whatsapp Automation is the most trending marketing strategy of 2022 that will take over in 2023 as well enhancing event registration, event ticketing, communication, connection, as well as reverence.

WhatsApp Automation Features That Not Even Organizers Can Neglect Are As Follows:

You Can Take Paid and Unpaid Event Registrations Online with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has opened the best door for on-ground events with which they can tackle online registration from all the online and offline attendees without hassle. Furthermore, whether your event is a paid or unpaid one, does not matter at all. Organizers can manage all types of registrations via WhatsApp. Also, you can send invites online to all the participants you want to surely come to your event.

You Can Manage the RSVP and Confirm Seats for Attendees via WhatsApp.

It is essential to know who can or can not join your in-person event as you have limited space at your on-ground event. So, you have to maintain the proper sitting arrangement as well as hospitality for your participants so they will come again and again to your event. Hence, you can send a link to your registrants through which they can confirm their seats and even add if they have any add-on person.

You Can Develop and Manage the Event Ticketing Process Online with WhatsApp.

It is the worst experience when your attendees have to wait in a queue to take tickets and then enter the event. Hence, you can change it completely with WhatsApp. Furthermore, you can take registrations online and create QR-based tickets online to share with the attendees. They will receive the digital badges on their devices via WhatsApp, SMS, as well as Mail.

You Can Improve Your Audience Experience by Sending Push Notifications.

In an ongoing event, you may have a lot of essential information to share with your audience from time to time. Hence, you can make WhatsApp a medium to share various data with your audience and make all the required announcements throughout the event. Furthermore, you can make your audience experience seamless with such integrations. So, you can send push notifications to your audience so that they can watch in real-time and know what is going on and what’s more to come in the event.

You Can Reach Out to Your Customers with Database Marketing.

WhatsApp allows you to set up one-time or recurring campaigns. Furthermore, you can build customer attributes and events-based audience campaigns. Hence, you can use rich media such as images, infographics, flyers, brochures, teasers, trailers, documents, pdfs, files, videos, etc. Also, you can include influential and interactive message templates like CTAs & Quick Reply buttons. So, these aspects will help you elevate campaign performance without the hassle.

You Can Engage Your Audience in Real-Time Via WhatsApp.

It is necessary to keep your audience engaged throughout the event so they will stay in your event till the end. Furthermore, you can let your audience connect with your event moderator directly via WhatsApp. Also, you can conduct different and fun live polls over a running discussion and every event session. It will help your audience not feel bored during the live sessions. Additionally, you can keep your audience up to date by sending the digital agenda to all the audience attending your event in an in-person venue or virtually.

You Can Collect Post Event Feedback Via WhatsApp.

It can be difficult to collect reviews from your audience at an event. However, you do not have to worry at all. Furthermore, you can create an online feedback form and send the link via WhatsApp so your audience will fill it out as soon as they are free. This way, you can know what your audience loved the most or least at your event and you can create a more seamless experience in your next event. Also, you can collect feedback from your attendees after every session to get a detailed success rate of every session in real-time.

You Can Use WhatsApp as a Digital Event Help Desk for Your Attendees.

You can connect with your audience using WhatsApp business accounts. Furthermore, It will create more authenticity and trustworthiness for your brand. Hence, you will be able to manage 1000s of customer conversations with ease via WhatsApp Business APIs for events. It will make your audience come again and again as they are assured that if they will face any issue, you will provide them with the best solution without delay.

You Can Make Your User Event Journey Seamless with Whatsapp Automation.

It must be difficult to understand the complete event space for your audience. Hence, you can guide them via WhatsApp providing an introductory guide to the on-ground event as well as the online event. Furthermore, you can generate automated designed communication over different touchpoints for the Attendees throughout the complete event journey. Also, you can save time & effort by adding Custom-replies for frequently asked questions.

You Can Sell Event Merchandise Via WhatsApp.

You can solve various queries of your audience on time with the help of WhatsApp business automation. It can motivate them to shop at your store every time. Furthermore, you can use custom auto-replies to manage customer FAQs without having to waste any human resources. Also, you can enable real-time team collaboration with conversation labels & private notes. Additionally, you can assign and re-assign chats for better customer service. This way, you can organize your contacts & chats using smart cards, labels, tags & private notes to access them with ease.


So, these are the various features that you can get with WhatsApp automation. These are the benefits that can make an event seamless even for the organizers with lesser effort. Hence, they can not afford to avoid or skip these features and functionalities in their on-ground events. Furthermore, it can enhance your in-person event with numerous engaging, interactive, and networking opportunities in 2023 and beyond. You will not require anything else if you have these integrations for your event.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in understanding WhatsApp Better with its various considerable features.

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