What Do You Need To Know To Light Up Your Photographs?

photography lighting

Currently, we see direct stories, TikTok, etc. with excellent quality and lighting. Light rings have replaced fluorescent ones and both portraits and macro photos look better, obtaining professional results of magnificent quality.

It is becoming an increasingly popular accessory, and among other things, it has revolutionized the lives of influencers and followers of social networks. Its objective is to illuminate people and objects, but it also reduces the shadows that can be produced by other light sources such as windows or doors, lamps or flashes from other cameras.

The most important advantage offered by photography lighting and photography backdrops is that they hide wrinkles and facial imperfections due to their uniform lighting and no shadows. It is also very useful for photographing food, and other objects, since it achieves different atmospheres, and illuminates different angles with different light intensities (there are some models that change color).

Being LED technology, they spend very little and do not generate heat. lights typically allow you to choose between warm light, cool light, medium light, and different levels of brightness (usually on a scale of 1-10). Some, in addition to the warmth of the light, also offer us a variety of colors.

In this selection, you will find the best photography lighting accessories to achieve excellent quality in your photos and videos.

Discover All The Advantages Of A Continuous Light Ring For Your Photography

A continuous ring light can simulate the effects of a professional studio in your shots. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this photography lighting accessory, and I will show you some tests so that you can see for yourself everything that can be achieved with it.

This type of ring is characterized mainly by the fact that they emit continuous light, generally through LEDs. Another of its most obvious characteristics is its circular shape, which allows the camera to be placed just inside the circle so that the photography lighting is as uniform as possible.

The effect produced by photography lighting is as loved as it is hated. The fans of this accessory are precise because thanks to it we obtain a portrait without shadows and a magnificent reflection in the eyes.

What Should We Look For When Buying a standing Ring Light?

Size: The most important thing about this is that the bigger it is, the greater the angle of coverage we have. With a large ring of light, we can take portraits in more open planes, while if it is smaller, we will have to opt for close-ups or otherwise the light that reaches the subject will be insufficient.

Type of Light: 

Continuous light rings can be of two kinds: fluorescent tubes, cheaper, and/or LED light, more outstanding, will last much longer, and we will not spend too much light.

Light Intensity Adjustments: 

Another aspect that we must look at is whether the ring has a regulator to adjust the power depending on the distance between the standing ring of light and the subject or photographic motif, which will be very useful for us.

Light Color Temperature Settings: 

It is also interesting that we can modify the color temperature of the light, and for this there are two options. There are some rings that have accessories to place them in front of the light and thus modify its color, although in this case, we will be subtracting some power from the light source.


In addition to the ring itself, to be able to work with it we will need some accessories, such as the tripod to hold it. In some packs it will be included, in others, it will not, so you will have to purchase a separate one to hold it.

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