Primary & Secondary School Fees In Singapore

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Singapore offers the most affordable education compared to other first-world nations like the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It has the best educational infrastructure, a wide range of career prospects, and a culture devoid of corruption. The educational institutions there support independent research for academics where English is the primary language.

Primary School Fees

Primary 1 registration starts with registering your child for mainstream primary education. This registration process is mainly for international scholars and those who reside permanently in Singapore.

All the mainstream primary learning institutions are financially supported to aid scholars with mild educational requirements. Those whose cognitive capacities allow access to the national curriculum can enrol in mainstream classes through the P1 registration process. 

There is a P1 registration option available to scholars from other countries at all MOE primary institutions. These children’s primary school tuition costs in Singapore may vary depending on their nationality and the schools they attend.

The tuition costs for independent, specialised independent, and institutions vary. The estimated monthly Singapore primary school fees for the year 2023 are 

Permanent Residents


International Student (ASEAN)


International Student (non-ASEAN)


Secondary School Fees

Students can apply to their preferred schools through direct school admission (DSA) before taking their PSLE. Their abilities in CCAs, academics, and sports reports are used to evaluate applications. They cannot forward school preferences throughout the S1 processes if the child is admitted to secondary school via the DSA-sec.

Similarly, kids can only move to other schools once the secondary school’s program has run. Based on their abilities in the following areas, primary six students can apply for the DSA-sec: leadership, humanities and languages, oratory and debate, visual, performance, and performing arts, and games and sports.

The DSA-sec site is where you can access the application. A child’s secondary school will depend on their skills, interests, and strengths. A parent or guardian must assist their child in identifying their interests, values, and likes in addition to academics. Determine the opportunities and programs required to develop the talents.

To enable prioritised admission, put your child’s preferred secondary school as the first option. However, it is essential to note that entry is not guaranteed and is based on the availability of the spaces. Singapore has specialised schools with the required resources to support children with unique needs such as visual and hearing impairment.

The estimated monthly secondary school fees Singapore for the year 2023 are

Permanent Residents


International Student (ASEAN)


International Student (non-ASEAN)


International School Fees in Singapore

If you are interested in the non-MOE education structure and syllabus, then look at the international schools in Singapore. First, tuition at Singapore’s international schools costs between $20,000 and $35,000. As a result, choosing to enrol in an international school in Singapore must be well thought out and evaluated. There are numerous things to think about, such as the 

  • cost of the application
  • the enrollment
  • insurance
  • tests
  • parents’ union
  • cost of extracurricular activities

Nevertheless, despite the high expense of education, there are numerous advantages to investing in international institutions.

Dulwich College, established 400 years ago, is the most expensive international school in Singapore, with annual tuition fees at about $29,200, followed by UWC Dover Camps at $41,032. On the other hand, With a yearly cost of less than $20,000, Nanyang Campus is one of Singapore’s most reasonably priced foreign schools.

Singapore is a land of opportunities for scholars, its citizens, and international students. Through its ministry of education and beautiful culture, it offers quality education from kindergarten to higher education universities at a more affordable cost for parents and scholars than other universities worldwide. The graduates from Singaporean institutions are innovative, competent, and highly skilled in the global market.

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