How to Get a Personal Loan with Minimum Documents on Aadhar Card

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Personal loans are a convenient option to access funds when required. One can acquire a personal loan by submitting the loan application and the required documents to a lender. The loan process requires the applicant to submit specific documents. The lender uses the documents to verify the details mentioned in the personal loan application. Sometimes, an individual might be asked for minimal documents. Usually, lenders demand fewer documents when the borrower has a good credit rating. Read on to understand how to get a personal loan in India with the minimum documents.

Apply for an Aadhar card loan online

Are you looking for an Aadhar card loan to counter a financial emergency? The best way to find a personal loan with the minimum documents is through an online lender. Gone are the days when lenders required borrowers to visit their offices. With the use of technology, digital lenders like Fullerton India have eliminated the need for physical visits. An online personal loan is available with minimum documents. Excess documents aren’t required if the borrower has a good credit report. With an online personal loan, the paperwork is limited. The applicant does not have to run to the lender’s office with a pile of documents. Here’s the process to get a personal loan online with the minimum documents:

  • Visit Fullerton India’s website and find the ‘Apply Now’ option for a personal loan
  • Fill out the personal loan application with the correct details on the website
  • Submit the personal loan application once it is duly filled
  • Don’t forget to mention the preferred loan amount and tenure in the personal loan application
  • Wait for a representative to get back with a personal loan offer
  • You will be asked to provide an Aadhar card and a few other documents online
  • Wait for Fullerton India to verify the authenticity of the submitted documents
  • Get the loan amount in your account once the loan is approved

Look for a lender with lenient personal loan conditions

Are you using a personal loan prepayment calculator? Before the research, choosing the right lender for a personal loan is essential. Choose a lender with flexible conditions to get a personal loan with minimum documents. Lenders with complex personal loan prerequisites will demand many documents for approval. Fullerton India has the minimum loan conditions and helps borrowers get loans with minimal documents. The essential requirements of Fullerton India for personal loans include the following:

  • The loan applicant must be aged between 21 and 60 years
  • The applicant must be salaried (minimum monthly income of INR 20,000 – 25,000) or self-employed
  • The applicant must have a good credit rating (750 or above)
  • The applicant must have a minimum job experience of 12 months
  • The borrower must be an Indian

As one can see, Fullerton India has loan conditions that borrowers easily fulfill. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, the personal loan application is processed quickly. Only limited documents are required for borrowers who have met the abovementioned criteria.

Grab pre-approved loan offers

Many lenders offer pre-approved Aadhar card loans to individuals. When the lender has already checked your financial profile, they generate a pre-approved loan offer. The lender will check their financial profile even if someone has not applied for a personal loan. Then, based on the individual’s credit ratings, the lender pre-approves a loan amount. Usually, the lender informs the individuals via a message about their pre-approved offer.

Since the lender has already approved a particular loan amount, you will only need to provide a few documents. Therefore, the approval and disbursal process for a pre-approved loan will be quick. Keep in touch with your lender via mobile application or website to know about pre-approved loan offers.

Maintain a healthy credit report

As discussed above, individuals with a healthy financial profile are approved for personal loans quickly. You might receive pre-approved loan offers when you have a good credit report. The lender will not ask for many documents when you have a good credit report. Timely repayments of previous or ongoing loans lead to a good credit report for an individual.


Getting a personal loan in India with only a few documents is possible. However, one must have an excellent financial profile to get easy personal loans. Fullerton India has the minimum conditions and helps people access personal loans with a few 

documents. It also offers an online personal loan prepayment calculator to work out the prepayment modalities. Apply for an instant personal loan now!

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