How Much Does an iTero Element Scanner Cost?

Over the last decade, dentists and specialists have thought of iTero as the classic intraoral scanner. The iTero Element family of products is known for being the only intraoral scanners compatible with Invisalign, as well as its powerful myiTero software, user interface, user-friendly touch screen, and its overall slick design.

Doctors are investing in iTero Element scanners to bring value to their practice, helping them maintain digital patient records, maximize their patients’ comfort, and easily submit records to mills, dental labs, 3D printers, and more. Plus, many doctors are finding with a cart-style or laptop monitor, they’re seeing greater treatment acceptance, by being able to show their patients a full 3D scan of their mouth, used as a tool for patient education.

Many brands, like Medit, 3Shape, Carestream, and many more offer competing intraoral scanners, making it a crowded marketplace. With a wide variety of brands at a range of price points, it can be difficult to decide which scanner will be best for your practice based on performance, features, and overall value.

Today, we’re sharing the average price you can expect to pay for an iTero Element scanner, along with some of the ways iTero drives value to outpace their competition.

The Average Price of a New iTero Element Intraoral Scanner

To suit the needs of nearly any clinical use and application, the iTero Element family of products ranges in both purpose and function. All iTero Element scanners can be used for comprehensive orthodontic, restorative and implant workflows. Where they differ is the feature set, some come more entry-level while others offer premium features, such as HD cameras and cart designs.

The upfront price you can expect to pay for a new iTero Element scanner, ranging from entry-level models to premium models, is between $30,000 and $50,000. These current available models include (sorted from basic to premium):

  • iTero Element Flex
  • iTero Element 2
  • iTero Element 5D
  • iTero Element Plus Series

Looking at the average price other doctors paid to invest in an iTero Element intraoral scanner, you may be thinking about how quickly you’ll see a return on your investment. Think about how greatly treatment acceptance and patient comfort can impact your bottom line. Then, consider the cost savings over traditional impressions, including material costs, physical storage space, and transportation to labs and referrals.

In sum, it may be more affordable and more efficient to use an intraoral scanner in the long-term.

Why iTero?

Early in iTero’s 15-year history, orthodontists quickly adopted intraoral scanning technology as an alternative to traditional impressioning. Having an easily exportable patient record in an STL file which can easily be shared with a mill or dental lab allowed for more efficient exchange of dental records without requiring physical storage space. Plus, iTero is manufactured by the same company as Invisalign, and is the only intraoral scanner compatible for dental professionals working with the popular clear aligner brand.

iTero also has a deep history in restorative work. iTero has powered over 10 million restorative procedures worldwide. Through their award-winning restorative platform, general and specialty practitioners are given a powerful scanning walkthrough to improve the treatment planning and case acceptance on restorative procedures. With these tools, an iTero scanner enhances restorative procedures such as crowns, bridges, implants, surgical guides and more.

iTero Element Features

One of the main ways iTero scanners differentiate their value proposition from other brands is through their features. As previously mentioned, iTero offers a range of standard and premium features to help doctors select what’s necessary for them to provide the best patient care. Below is a list of some of the features that distinguish an iTero scanner from competitors.


  • Invisalign compatibility
  • Intraoral photography functionality
  • Flexible mobile configurations for easy transportation, operatory setup and chairside visualization (includes cart and laptop configurations)
  • Upgradability path


  • Latest computing power
  • HD imaging
  • 3D intraoral camera
  • Interproximal caries detection
  • Cable-free design
  • VESA compatible mounting


The software used with your intraoral scanner matters because software powers the scanner. This will directly impact the performance you’ll get from your scanner. The ideal scanner will have no lag time between scanning and loading images on the screen.

Early in the foundation of the company, iTero has placed a lot of emphasis on the value you’ll get from their software, not only for improving the scanning speed but also becoming a full resource for your practice. 

myiTero is the exclusive software to operate iTero Element scanners. Because their scanners are the only brand compatible with Invisalign, their software needs to be powerful and intuitive to give all doctors the best value. myiTero is also an award-winning restorative program with premium features designed to guide scans on specific procedures, making it easy for doctors and staff to operate.

For more information on myiTero, its features and benefits, check out the video below.

  • com from Align Technology

By offering premium software, iTero includes a subscription fee, which impacts your overall investment.


While customer service doesn’t directly impact upfront cost, it’s definitely something you should consider over the long-term. Like their commitment to providing the leading software experience, iTero also places emphasis on providing a great customer experience by assigning dedicated support and integration teams with every scanner purchase.

The purpose of these teams is to ensure you and your staff are efficiently and properly trained on using their scanner. iTero additionally offers self-paced, interactive courses, videos, and other customized instructional support, all as an added value to you and your team.


One consideration that is sometimes overlooked is the warranty information on your scanner. The warranty period helps you maximize on the upfront usage of your scanner. iTero warranties are comprehensive to ensure you don’t miss on valuable scanning time, with coverages on hardware replacement as well as providing fast spare parts shipment.

New vs. Used

Many doctors are not aware that they can purchase used dental equipment, helping them save money and offer the top-of-the-line equipment at the same time.

For over 10 years, Renew Digital has been a leader in certified pre-owned dental equipment. They’ve worked with thousands of doctors to fulfill their dental imaging needs, saving their customers 30% to 50% on new list prices with a wide inventory of certified pre-owned machines. They carry the leading brands of intraoral scanners, as well as pan/ceph and CBCT systems.

Renew Digital is an authorized dealer of iTero Element scanners. They offer the iTero Element Flex Foundation CPO Intraoral Scanner, which is a laptop-configured model optimized for restorative workflows as well as add-on Invisalign capability. Doctors interested in the value they get from iTero, but more conscious of budget, can purchase this certified pre-owned iTero Element scanner for only $16,495, which includes the laptop as well as software, subscription and warranty for three full years.

These certified pre-owned scanners are supported just like new, with a dedicated team of service and support staff, giving the same performance as a new unit.

If you’re ready to get started with iTero, or are adding an additional scanner, give Renew Digital a call and ask them how they can help you save on your next dental imaging purchase. Our sales reps have the industry knowledge and expertise to help you get the most value for your next system.

Also, ask them about Renew Digital bundle deals, pairing an iTero scanner with one of their dental panoramic, pan/ceph, or CBCT systems. Start saving today by reaching out to them at 888-246-5611 or contact them online.

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