10 Easy Ways To Hang Tapestry On Your Wall

wall tapestry


We don’t need the apartments to look like the Vatican. We are talking about all kinds of textile art for weaving to vintage fabrics. These beautiful art pieces will add color, texture and pattern to a space whether you will hang it over the sofa or behind the bed to serve as the bold headboard alternative. If you don’t know about how to get your new fabric found on the wall, we have gathered ideas to show you how to hang a tapestry anywhere, including in rental spaces where the wall needs to remain pristine. 

Now you should get inspired to find your perfect tapestry and add some life to your walls.

Use nails or pushpins

What would be the easiest way to hang a tapestry? By using nails and pushpins, the method works well with larger weaves, otherwise it may result in holes to piece. Hang the corners for a casual drape or attach with a row of nails spread across the top of the piece for a straight look.

Stretch over a frame

You can turn fabric into a work of art by stretching it over a wood frame or plywood board. Now stretch and fold tapestry over the frame and attach it with a staple gun. Use a sawtooth picture which hangs on the walls. If your textile is thin you have to stretch and staple canvas to the frame first so the wood will not be visible through the fabric.

Secure with Velcro

If you are living on rent and you are trying to avoid holes in the walls then here is the way how to use tapestry and still get your security deposit back: Use self -adhesive Velcro tape to attach tapestry to the wall. This is also a great and amazing method if you have a curved wall or don’t want to put holes in the fabric.

Use a baseboard

Weighty textiles and wall tapestries may need more support and here the baseboard will help in securing pieces to the wall. Select a board that will fit in a rod pocket in the backside of the tapestry. If your tapestry does not have a pocket then you can hand sew one using a heavy fabric. Cut the board so it becomes smaller than the width of the tapestry. Mark where the screws can be inserted drill holes. Slide this board into the pocket and fold the sides of the tapestry back and screw the board into the wall.

Hang from a rod

Use a rod for hanging tapestries with pockets in the back. If the piece is particularly rectangular or particularly large then you can also drape it over the rod to create a faux headboard or an eye- catching display over the sofa.

Frame it

Most of the fragile fabrics and smaller tapestries may look best behind the glass. A frame or shadow box will protect the piece and will be a worthy display on the wall.

Create a canopy

There is no need to limit yourself to the wall. Hang your textile from the Ceiling or drape it from the ceiling onto the wall to create a dreamy bed or an intimate sitting area.

Try a poster hanger

Poster hangers are used not just for artwork on paper but it can be used as a wood device to keep the tapestry flat against the wall.


People can use their tapestry fabric as a giant wallpaper. If you are Willing for a wallpaper in your apartment or dorm then these pieces of tapestry art can be the best solution to these pieces of tapestries art can be the best solution for these if you are on the budget. You can also give a stunning effect on the wall without investing on the expensive wall paints or drilling is much easier with the wall tapestry that can be transformed into high- quality and thematic wallpaper.

Use it as chair pads

With the tapestry, you can also give yourself, your family members, friends and relatives a pleasurable sitting with a unique texture and colors as chair pads. When you get bored of hanging wall tapestry then you can use them to cover your chair cushions.


 So here are the 10 Easy Ways To Hang Tapestry On Your Wall and all of them are very unique and wonderful.

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