Welcome the Fascinating Beaches of Goa

Welcome the Fascinating Beaches of Goa


Goa is India’s smallest state in terms of land area. It is fourth smallest in terms of population. The state has been an important historical and cultural center since ancient times.

It is also known as the land of celebrations and festivities

Deck up your eternity list with the spectacular places in Goa and get ready to be surprised. 

As Goa is one of the hot spots for vacations, it is a place for parties and comfort pleasures also.

From the stunning nightlife pubs to ever fantastic beaches. Apart from this one must not miss out on Goan churches which are not only for Christian but also for ultimate tranquillity and also exhibit the architecture of the colonial period.

Culture Goa

Culture Goa stands out all across the Global for its Legacy of the Portuguese colonial resume of more than 450 years and heritage.

The Portuguese came to Goa in the year 1510 AD, attracted by the exotic east and the promise of lucrative effective Spice roots. 

Its traditional culture has been primarily crafted by the Hindu and Catholic populations. 

 Better connectivity:

With better connectivity by airways, Railways, and roads, there has been a rush of people from all the states that have shaped variant cultures. Beaches in Goa despite being the smallest state in India.

Goa is synonyms for many capitative things that are the best showcase of life without stress and worries about the multitude of beaches in Goa.

It also offers a range of activities such as a beautiful walk along the palm-fringed shores scrolled with unique shells and intriguing Boat Ride rides. 

There is a range of beach hearts where tourists can stay and restaurants in which one can taste local and delicious seafood.

 The Famous Beaches Of Goa: Arambol, Agonda, Anuja, Vagator Calangute, Candolim, Cavelossim, Colva, Dona Paula – a popular beach Palolem, Sinquierem, Bogmolo a beautiful and serene beach near Vasco Day Gama.

Best places to visit in Baga 

Dudhsagar  Falls:

 Is famous for its enervated waterfall creating a tumble appearance that has been attracting tourists for a long period. This amazing fall is located on the Mandovi River near Kulem, 

The forest area around Dudhsagar falls offers nature lovers a thrill, it also entitles you to get closer to nature.

The falls are at their prime during the monsoon season. they are the most popular attraction all year round. 

The falls are in their prime during the monsoon season, although it is the most mesmerizing attraction all year round.

Palolem Beach is known as Paradise Beach located in South Goa this beach is about my long and provides seclusion and wonderful scenery.

This beach in Goa is not very developed in terms of tourists but if you plan to stay over at Palolem Beach resort then you may find yourself resisting in some hearts enjoying a simple way of living.Between November and March is the best time to explore Palolem Beach.

The Basi Kila of bomb Jesus:

 Is a Roman Catholic Church,Basi Kila is located in the Goa state situated in the Konkan region of India.

It is a Boat pilgrimage center and also the most iconic monument of all churches and conveyance of Goa recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site located on Old Goa.

 The various exportions have been marked by various events held such as the release of stamps in honor of the Saint, Exhibition of sacred art, and Industrial and agricultural exhibitions. 

The last exposition was held 10 years ago in 2004 from 21st November 2004 to second January 2005 with the theme as fellow pilgrim nearest by the exportation of cat release is held every 10 years

Goa Cruise in Goa Cruise: 

One should explore the Exotic scenery, Pristine water, and marvel Bridge taking a view of the sunset.

There are a variety of cruises available in Goa, ranging from simple evening cruises to extravagant and romantic dinner cruises, as well as casinos located across the state.

 These usually originate from Miramar beach in Panjim several Goa Cruises also offer dinner along with guaranteed fun and entertainment activities carried through the day depending on the day’s sunset.

Titos Lane in Baga:

 It looks like a lovely postal village, the tourists are getting smarter.Calangute has an intelligent street.

People praise Street in Goa and the best part is that the street chosen for this project is Titos lane. It has got a digital revamp. The lane is known as the sum of the most popular clubs in Goa.

It also has been equipped with CCTV cameras 394 with four colour thyme lights and Wi-Fi connection there are also specially designed for street vendors, who make homemade food and sell it in the street.

So next time when you plan to visit Goa I would suggest you do visit all the places which have been listed for you and if you go ahead don’t forget to click photos and tag on our site Ban Banjara.

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